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David Spraggs
Jul 04, 2018
In Share Your UAS Program
Boulder PD (with about 185 commisioned members) has 8 UAS operators. I'm assigned as the UAS program manager and am one of the 8 UAS operators. The other seven UAS unit members are spread throughout the department - we have representatives from patrol (all 3 watches), traffic and detectives. Each of my UAS unit members bring specific skills to the team - they are really dedicated to the unit! One of our operators is also a Part 61 pilot. Currently we are approved for one full day of training per month. We train for a 10 hour shift on the last Thursday of the month. We attempt to vary our training locations and hours to ensure we have adequate night training time. We train with our SWAT team, SWAT negotiators, bomb squad (of which I'm also a member), Boulder Emergency Squad (BES has a top notch UAS program) and Open Space/Mounatin Parks. We will be training with Boulder Fire HAZMAT and wildland fire this year too. We have five UAS platforms - three are operational and two are for training only. Our training units are the 3DR Solo with GoPro cameras. Operationally we use the following: * DJI Matrice 600 (2 platforms) * DJI X5, Zenmuse XT FLIR, and Z30 cameras * Currently one of the Matrice 600 has a payload delivery system rated at 10 pounds *DJI Phanton 4 Pro - this is such a great platform with a fantasitc camera - it's what we use for Pix4D 3D mapping. * Lots and lots of batteries and accesories of course.
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David Spraggs

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