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Dec 05, 2018
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I work for the City of Phoenix Fire Department, Technical Services Division. I am a Part 107 certified pilot. The City of Phoenix Fire, Police, and Homeland Security Departments are looking to develop a UAV/UAS program. I am on several committees assisting the organization in developing a UAV program. The focus points of my committees include but are not limited to; determining the types of UAV to be used, pilot training, and maintenance of the UAV. Maintenance I would like to know how your department manage maintenance of your fleets. How do log both flight and maintenance logs? How do you insure UAV's software is up to date prior to missions? DJI seems to be the most popular UAVs used in Public Safety. Is anyone using DJI Flight Hub? Training Assuming you require your pilots to be Part 107 certified, how do you determine a pilot is ready to fly missions? Do you provide scenaro base training? Thank you for your time and any information you provide.


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