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Hired by the City of Boulder, Colorado Police department in 2010. Currently working patrol with various collaterals including the UAS team.

Our team maintains our Part 107 and we fly two Matrice 600’s (one can have a Zenmuse X5 or Thermal mounted, and the other one has a Z30 camera) and Phantom 4 Pro. Our team missions are varied and include search and rescue, overwatch for SWAT, and Pix4d 3D mapping for the traffic team. We also have a waiver to fly at night with appropriate drone mounted lighting.

My previous background was technology based. After graduate school, I worked in research and development for a telecommunications company that specialized in wireless technology and VoIP. I still have an interest in tech and try to maintain my skill sets with home projects.

I own a few indoor hobby drones and a DJI Mavic Air.

I am looking forward to the collaboration with other industry professionals to share success stories and to also learn some best practices for possible future missions.


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Colorado Public Safety Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association

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