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AUVSI Xponential 2018 - Denver

The AUVSI (Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) Xponential show was in Denver this year.  It was a fascinating look into the unmanned vehicles market.  As expected, UAS/UAV technology dominated the show.  

I walked the floor for 3 days looking at amazing technology, with a focus on emerging - and USEFUL - trends for public safety UAS operations.  Here are a few of my take-aways from the show:

  • Artificial Intelligence:  

    • Expect to see significantly upgraded AI capabilities in the near future, even on our existing UAS systems.  Facial recognition, color recognition, backpack/suitcase/briefcase recognition.  New software and apps will provide additional detection and recognition tools for UAS. ​

  • VTOL:​

    • Vertical take-off and landing UAV platforms were all over the show floor.  Everything from basic to sophisticated.  Expect to see many more VTOL platforms pushing into the commercial markets in the near future.  VTOL can offer significant advantages of long flight durations, while still allowing for take-off and landings in urban/populated areas.

  • Counter-UAS:​

    • Lots of emerging counter-UAS technology​, both passive and active.  DJI showed off their "black box" can can identify any DJI drone flying in a geo-fenced area.  DeDrone, DeTect and Radio Hill Technologies had various counter-uas systems on display.  The DroneKiller and DroneBuster active units were on display.  The industry is excited about the recent DOJ ruling allows certain counter-UAS tools to be used by federal LE. 

  • Accessories:​

    • Everything from high power search lights - the best example being​ - to loudspeakers, drop kits, parachutes...  Lots of accessories on display.  I really liked the UAV recovery systems from

Colorado Public Safety Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association

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