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Colorado Public Safety UAS Assocation

A professional organization established to promote collaboration, innovation, safety, and best practices for Colorado public safety agencies utilizing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


Born from a desire to ensure successful UAS integration for Colorado public safety agencies.

  • Colorado Public Safety UAS Association is a new professional organization just getting off the ground (so to speak).  

  • CPSUASA's focus is bringing together current and future Colorado public safety UAS operators to learn, collaborate, develop safe programs, explore appropriate use cases, stay up to date on federal UAS guidelines, and connect with industry leaders.

  • CPSUASA would like to facilitate scheduled meetings and training to bring the Colorado public safety UAS community together - discussions on best practices, what worked and what didn't, etc. are invaluable as we all work towards improving and refining our public safety UAS programs. 

Connecting Colorado's Public Safety Agencies...  Police, Fire, Wildland Fire, EMS, OEM, Search and Rescue - all towards a common goal of successful and sustainable UAS integration. 

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Colorado Public Safety Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association

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